Transition of the Game and the Players

SimCity 3000 came about a decade back where 10 year olds played the role of a mayor to build the city to perfection (almost) and city management was an arduous task that required patience as people just kept moving out of the cities if they were dissatisfied and riots were found on cities in case of any disturbance to the citizens. With SimCity BuildIt, the city still attracts young children and also those who have grown up playing the earlier game, SimCity BuildIt, bringing in nostalgic moments.

The city attracts children as the game moves at a pace that is just right for the young ones. The city has to be fitted together like a puzzle so that the pieces fit together to be one huge neighborhood. As the area of the city is quite small, you can easily fit together industries, houses, factories, parks, hospitals and educational institutions together within a small radius. Whenever you do some good construction or upgrading, the town gets lit with a fireworks show; whenever the player collects resources, he gets applause in the form of sweet chimes ringing pleasantly. Thought bubbles have to be popped during times of discontent by which you can raise resources. The best attraction about the game is the way the city functions as a real life like model when the skyscrapers are built. It is a city filled with people moving here and there, cars zooming in and out, stores functioning as usual, factories producing goods, trade going on as usual and the city just moves on each day with its daily routine. Night life is filled with bright lights and well lit shops functioning with people within it.

The city does not function when there is failure in plumbing or electric facilities. These small problems can be overcome with water towers and wind generators which can be placed wherever there are shortages of these requirements. However, service buildings will also be required according to the area of the city. They have to be built near residential areas as they have to be available whenever the necessity arises. Service buildings require a lot of coins. If you are having economic service buildings, their radii of coverage are not big. So you have to provide them according to the need and the cost. You can raise resources whenever there is construction of a residential building or when they are upgraded. With these resources, you can build essential requirements such as sewage plants and fire stations. Children learn to solve problems through playing.

Enjoy the game of city building. Collect resources. Build a strong foundation for the city to improve. Enjoy the game by collecting resources to gain coins and play continuously. If the rate of coin generation is not fast enough or your citizens complain too much, then you can try to get some coins from simcity buildit cheats and generate unlimited coins to play continuously.