Madden Mobile Continues to Move Forward with Every Version

With every successive year, Madden Mobile game continues to improve and excel in providing a game that comes very close to playing football on the field. The graphics are pretty smooth and as far as the control goes, you will find it easy to adapt and the play call screen is also pretty detailed for the players so that they will be able to look at the game in a more detailed fashion, almost like playing on the field. The game makes use of Hit Stick/tackling graphics engine which is used in the PC version and makes the game even more interesting.

Overview of the Game

The simplified touch version works in a manner better than the previous versions which make it ideal for playing the game in an easier manner. There are a number of elements from the console version which have been fit into the screen. It includes tips and tricks, future NFL game dates, recent game’s favourite game, scrolling ticker and menu screen layout. It is also possible to make use of multiplayer capabilities with the help of actual NFL storylines and social media. This helps players to play against others who are not just Facebook friends but other strangers and also take part in auctions to win higher rank players. Every time you exit from the app, the game gets paused automatically and your progress is also saved correspondingly.

Free to Download

Like every new version, some features of the old Madden Mobile game will be taken away in order to make space for new advanced features. The Madden Mobile game can be used to play in one of the three modes and depending on the mode you choose to play, you will be rewarded. You can download the game for free from the Play Store or the App Store for your Android and Apple devices. The game itself is very impressive to play and will keep you entertained for a long period of time. On the other hand, to make playing the game easier, you can also make use of madden mobile coin hack which will give you more gold coins and Madden Cash.

In-game and Real-world Currency

When you play the game, you will be able to earn a lot of gold coins which you can use to buy players in the auction and also for getting the blink player pack. As earning gold coins is very easy, you will not have to use the real-world currency in order to continue in the game which is a notable aspect of the game. There are very rare circumstances when you will actually need the real-world currency which includes the purchase of Golden Value player pack. The waiting period required in the game is quite short and unless you are very impatient, you will not be forced to use the Madden Cash to proceed further in the game.

If you enjoy the NFL football game, you will find yourself enjoying the Madden Mobile game on your mobile.

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